July 15, 2020 Imran Ansari

Why I Became A Financial Advisor

By Moe Ansari

We often hear the phrase “Life is what you make it,” (1) but sometimes it’s hard to know what exactly you want to make it, or, just as importantly, how to get there. This challenge is exactly why I became a financial advisor more than 40 years ago. I saw the important role money played in people’s quality of life and determined to spend my days enhancing the life experience of others through the pursuit of financial security. 

My Career Journey

I’ve been in this industry for a long time! I first started out as a financial advisor in 1977 and have spent many years gaining experience and knowledge in options trading, portfolio optimization, futures trading, mutual fund selection modeling, and financial risk management. In 1989, I launched my broadcasting career with Market Wrap with Moe Ansari, interpreting the news and providing expert financial analysis and commentary on today’s fast-moving markets. 

I am also President, Chief Investment Officer, and Founder of Compak Asset Management, where I spend my days leading a top-notch team and evaluating the markets using industry-leading technical and fundamental analysis. I provide investment advice to individuals and corporations nationwide and frequently conduct financial seminars. 

Hurdles And Triumphs

Like any job, mine has its challenges. At Compak, each team member strives to provide unparalleled service and depth of knowledge and experience that sets us apart from the rest, but it can be difficult to market our services and share how we are different from the countless other financial advisors who may not have your best interests in mind or deliver on their promises. Thankfully, through the years, we have served almost 900 client families and it’s incredibly rewarding when we are able to partner with our clients and increase their capacity to reach  their ideal financial destination. Whether they are striving for financial security, retirement, paying for their child’s college education, transitioning their estate, or simply having the margin to travel and pursue their dreams, there’s just nothing like seeing clients plan for and reach their goals, and know I had a part in it. 

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to experience the difference a customized financial plan can make for your life? Then our team at Compak is ready to give you the solutions to make your dreams a reality. Take the first step by calling 800-388-9700 or emailing investments@compak.com for a free consultation!

About Moe

Moeez Ansari is the President, Chief Investment Officer, and Founder of Compak Asset Management. With over 35 years of investment experience, Moe evaluates the markets primarily using technical and fundamental analysis. His advice is sought nationwide by individuals and corporations. His professional experience includes options trading, portfolio optimization, futures trading, mutual fund selection modeling, and financial risk management. He is a nationally sought speaker and has conducted numerous financial seminars since the 1980s. Moe Ansari began his broadcasting career in 1989. Since then, he has developed into a seasoned radio personality by interpreting the news and providing expert financial analysis. His Market Wrap broadcast focuses on the day’s news from Wall Street and around the world. When he’s not working, Moe enjoys vacations with his family, playing golf, and fine dining. Moe’s ultimate enjoyment is his radio show, Market Wrap with Moe. On his show, Moe finds joy and fulfillment by sharing his financial and economic expertise with the nation and fielding questions to see what America truly thinks about markets and the economy. 

Important Disclosures: All investing involves risks and not all clients are able to meet their goals. We take those facts seriously. Our aim is to help clients realistically assess their own financial resources, objectives, values, and risk tolerance, and then work with them to invest over time based on a plan tailored to their situation. This often helps reduce anxiety and supports clients in following an investment discipline rather than being driven by emotions or market “noise.” Of course, no one can predict where markets go, and no plan can guarantee positive returns or guarantee against losses. In our experience, though, thoughtful planning leads to much better outcomes, both personal and financial, than not planning at all. 


(1) https://www.quotemirror.com/eleanor-roosevelt-collection-1/life-is-what-you-make-it/