Compak Asset Mangement hosts numerous events and seminars throughout the year. Use this calendar to sign up for upcoming events.

Events and Seminars Schedule

Compak’s Founder & President, Moe Ansari, will host this series of seminars that will not only help you make sense of the markets, but also provide you with important information that may help you pursue your financial objectives during these challenging times.

Moe Will Discuss

  • How to know if you are prepared for a recession
  • His outlook for stocks, real estate and interest rates
  • Strategies for managing your investments when markets are volatile

For events already scheduled in Phoenix, San Jose, Palm Springs, Seattle, Denver, and Houston,  Call (800)388-9700 or sign up here for your appointment/seminar request.

Upcoming Events

Q1 2022 Market Outlook Webinar with Moe Ansari

Come see Moe on January 19th, 2021 at 6 PM PST and get his latest update on the markets, economy, and even ask him questions LIVE! Q1 2022 Market Outlook Webinar with Moe Ansari 1/19/2022 -Omicron Economic & Market Impact -Interest Rates & Inflation -Global Equity Market Outlook -What can Compak Asset Management do for […]