One dream most of us share is a comfortable, meaningful, and secure retirement. Your financial planner can help you prepare for a dependable income, manage your long-term assets, plan for taxes and protect yourself against the unexpected so you can look forward to a more confident retirement.

Retirement Planning

What are your dreams for retirement? Maybe you plan to start a new business you’ve been dreaming about? Or maybe your dream is to get out and enjoy the sunshine and become more active for your health. Perhaps your dream is to chart a course for far off places and travel around the world.

Some of these dreams will require a lot of money, others not as much. At Compak, we strive to give you confidence in your investments so you can enjoy every aspect of your life, now and in the future.

Retirement sources of income have often been compared to a three-legged stool.

The First Leg

of the stool is Social Security.

The Second Leg

is your employer’s retirement plan.

The Third Leg

is your personal savings. How much you depend on the third leg depends on the strength of the other two.

The strength of each leg may change, and then you’ll need a new plan of action to reinforce the retirement stool.

Retirement Questions We Answer:

Are my savings going to last throughout my retirement?

How can I plan my retirement income?

Should I convert to a Roth IRA?

When can I retire?

How can I plan for health care costs?

What are Required Minimum Distributions, and when do I need to take them?

What is the best strategy for taking my Social Security Benefit?

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