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Join Moe Ansari and he discusses the first half of trading for the year and what to look for in the second half!


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The media above may contain the current views and opinions of Moeez Ansari, Chief Investment Officer of Compak Asset Management, a registered investment adviser. The views expressed are current only as of the date of this document and are subject to change. While the information above is obtained from reliable sources, we do not guarantee its accuracy. Nothing in the above media should be considered investment advice, and nothing is personalized to any investor’s individual circumstances. We use terminology associated with technical analysis, and provide charts to illustrate some of the concepts discussed. Technical analysis is a security analysis method with the goal of forecasting the direction of prices of securities or market indices, through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume. In no event is past performance a guarantee of future performance. We make no assurance that past performance or the use of technical analysis will accurately predict future prices. Further, a risk of technical analysis is that over-focus on historical patterns could lead to ignoring or down-playing security-specific concerns, overall market or sector concerns, or other factors, because we assume inaccurately the historical patterns will repeat themselves. Compak Asset Management offers investment advice only after entering into an investment advisory agreement and gathering client-specific information about goals, objectives, financial status, and risk tolerance. Please visit for more information.