At Compak we manage our client's money, we create comprehensive financial plans, provide insurance solutions and help with Estate planning but we also keep the big picture in mind ...being happy.

LIVE 360

Our clients would like to have their portfolio grow, have a sound long-term plan but all of this is done for the purpose of enhancing their happiness and have peace of mind. Based on the scientific research of Professor Dr. Lyubomirsky, a world renowned researcher on happiness, we have created a unique program called LIVE 360.

This program provides our clients a structured solution for enhancing their overall satisfaction with life. According to research on happiness, about 50% of our happiness is based on our genes (called the happiness set point) and 10% of happiness is based on our life circumstances, like how much money we have, whether we are single or married, our education level, the car we drive, money in the bank, or how big our house is, etc. Besides our genes and circumstances, what makes the other 40%? It is our behavior and attitude, and this is the key. This 40% is within our control, and research has shown that if we develop an understanding of the science of happiness and take positive steps, our overall satisfaction with life can be significantly enhanced.

Our LIVE 360 program shares the latest research on happiness with clients, provides them a four month structured program of activities that can contribute to happiness, gives them access to online resources to measure their progress and deliver one-on-one guidance with the Compak Happiness Coach. We sincerely believe that each one of us can be happier and Compak is dedicated to providing every possible tool to our clients to enhance their experience.


Learn more about Professor Dr. Lyubomirsky's book The How of Happiness.