Compak Asset Management is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor dedicated to providing comprehensive/customized wealth management solutions to its clients.

Compak Asset Management’s mission statement is to “enhance the life experience of its clients by providing customized solutions for their financial needs”. Compak’s philosophy is to deliver world-class wealth management, with proactive asset management as the underlying foundation. The Compak process begins with an assessment of the client’s financial goals by a dedicated financial advisor in order to develop an appropriate risk profile. The profile is used to create an individualized asset allocation and to select an appropriate investment strategy.

Once a sound asset management strategy has been implemented, the focus moves to Personal Financial Planning. Compak employs a team of Certified Financial Planners who provide a comprehensive plan. These financial plans may include retirement planning, tax analysis, new-worth projections, personal risk review, estate planning and a Monte Carlo probability analysis. Once a financial plan and investment profile has been developed, your team will review and attempt to improve upon your financial goals

Our People

Compak Asset Management is a team of investment professionals dedicated to provide world-class comprehensive asset management and wealth management solutions to our clients. Each of our advisors has a minimum of 5 years of experience in the financial industry with senior personnel having over 25 years experience.

While prudent asset management is vital and financial planning plays an important role, these activities have to be integrated to align financial resources with life’s goals. Compak has relationships with leading estate planning attorneys and accountants for coordination and seamless delivery of world-class wealth management




These relationships help us to deliver world class wealth management services while providing personalized customer service. While large brokerage houses possess similar resources in-house, they may not offer the average investor access to their top talent; in fact, important financial advice is often provided by sales staff. Smaller investment advisors, while accessible to their clients, lack the resources and expertise in different aspects of wealth management.

Compak Asset Management provides the organizational strengths of large firms while maintaining the services and relationship management of small firms.

We provide a combination of expertise, skills and values aligned to help clients achieve financial security

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