February 14, 2021 Imran Ansari

February Market Update with Moe Ansari (Webinar)

Moe Ansari takes a look at the market action for the first two months of 2021 and what to look out for as we head into spring trading.

  • Moe Ansari will look at 2021 so far and provide insight on the latest around the world and how it may effect the markets.
  • U.S. Politics – The political heat seems to have simmered down, but it seems both parties still can’t agree on policy and the impeachment trial is underway. Can this be a headwind for the market?
  • Coronavirus Pandemic – New case numbers are rapidly decreasing and America is building anitbody for COVID. How will the tail-end of the pandemic effect the economy?
  • U.S. and Global Equity and Fixed Income Markets – There have already been several sector rotations this year, how much volatility can we expect?
  • Technical Analysis – Moe will cover the technicals on major indexes globally and analyze the possible trajectory of the market.
  • The Compak Difference – Learn more about Compak’s Portfolio Management and Financial Planning approach and see what makes the advisory unique.
  • What is your Risk Number(TM)? – Riskalyze – Capture your risk tolerance and see if your portfolio fits you.
  • Live Q&A with Moe during the webinar
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